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mozart | schubert


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mozart | schubert


The Quatuor Voce is fifteen years old! To celebrate this anniversary, the four musicians present a CD focusing on two composers, Mozart and Schubert, but only one number: 15! This milestone, an age imbued with both ardour and maturity, is therefore embodied in the respective fifteenth quartets of these two geniuses of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Mozart composed his Quartet No. 15 in 1783, as the second in the set of six quartets dedicated to Haydn. Schubert wrote his Quartet No. 15, his last work in the genre, in 1826. He composed it in only ten days but did not live to hear its first performance, which took place twenty-three years after his death.

Quatuor Voce


Alpha 559 | 2019 | cd | muzyka klasyczna | 66′

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