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Harmonieuses Dissonances: that is the title of the string quartet that closes this second album of music by Eric Montalbetti, but above all it is a statement of the very subject of the works assembled here: they start out from heterogeneous elements, like the diversity of the people we know, or of our moods and thoughts, and aim – through encounters, comparisons, organisation or a search for common ground – to find the meaning of a life that we hope will, in the end, be harmonious. Since the first album of his music, Solos, appeared in 2016, Eric Montalbetti has been fortunate enough to hear seventeen of his scores come to life thanks to some wonderful musicians in France, Germany, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Japan and Korea. Two duos (including a Hommage à Matisse), a piano trio and a string quartet, were premiered and have now been recorded by Christian Tetzlaff and Alexandre Vorontsov, Delphine Haidan and Pierre Génisson, the soloists of the Ensemble intercontemporain and the Quatuor Les Dissonances.

Christian Tetzlaff
Alexander Vorontsov
Delphine Haidan
Pierre Génisson
Les Dissonances
Solistes de l’Ensemble intercontemporain

Alpha 583 | 2020 | cd | muzyka klasyczna | 71′

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